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love, megan.


I go to Centereach High School, I'm 16, I love Imran, and I can't use custom colors for the navigation strip.


System of a Down, The Beatles, Rammstein, Cornershop, 40 Below Summer, Potsdam Pointercounts, A Perfect Circle, TO NAME A FEW.


Harold and Maude, Across the Universe, Dead Poet's Society, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko.


Whale Talk, Stotan!, anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, To Kill a Mockingbird, anything by Mark Twain, No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine, Running With Scissors


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[Thu, 4/23/09 at 6:42pm]

rest in peace, teri.

i love you.

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[Tue, 2/17/09 at 12:39pm]
this very livejournal entry is coming from placerville, california. sright. im staying at my sisters house for the mid-winter vacation or whichever this one is. i left early sunday and im going to be here until late saturday, i didnt want to be gone this long but oh well. its been nice, i mostly played with josie all the time so far. and the weather is beautiful, its been all rainy and slightly cold but just the right amount of cold for me. now im just here with the dogs until evan and josie come home from school and amy and christian from work. i miss imran and my fuzzies, as expected.
valentines day was vunderful. imran came to my house then we went bowling and then we watched harold and maude. my mom made us food and got the movie for us and she was just being quite the sweetiepie. my present FELL APART IN A MILLION PIECES WITH A TERRIBLE VENGEANCE, i made him a necklace but it got ruined so instead a gave him a donut and homemade card. poo. im remaking it when i get home. he gave me a rose and a bunch of homemade cookies on friday because he is the cutest person on this planet. he also gave me a little valentine thing. i gave him one too with a flower and he liiiked it.
umyeahwell i got high honors on my report card. which is kind of sad because its really just a mix of me taking the ridiculously easy classes and barely having any friends so i dont get distracted during class and just do my work and rarely have anyone to hang out with so i do my homework. but i guess thats the pessimistic way of looking at it. im not feeling so lovely right now, to tell you the truth. stuff is happening with imran and saint and i wish it would just go away especially since im on vacation and i dont want my family to see me being all upset. umm..popsicles. sorry to end this on a down note. look at my icon and everything will be okay.
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[Sat, 1/10/09 at 7:12am]
even though life has been sucking recently let it be heard that this friday was AWESOME.
and that ive finally gone more than twentyfour hours without sleep!!
(not counting falling asleep for ten minutes, that doesnt count)
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[Sat, 1/3/09 at 4:21pm]
most dissapointing vacation ever yahoooooo!
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[Mon, 12/29/08 at 10:49pm]
oh, what the fuck EVER, splodefromcute. my euphrates is cuter than all your animals combined, without question.
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[Fri, 12/26/08 at 9:01pm]
im in a good mood because imran ( or his cousin =O ) just called me! hes at his sisters house in new jersey for god knows how long. he tried coming home today but it didnt work out. poop to that. very disapointing. buttt at least im getting to talk to him once in a while.
tomm came here super early (like, 2:30 am) last saturday. i love that man. I LOVE HIM! and rachel came saturday round 4, she got lost so many times on her way here, haha. we all hung out and baked cookies with the neighbors that day. it was great fun, ill tell you what. then on sunday rachel and i got up early to go out to breakfast with tomm and papa, and tomm left after that to go visit his cousins or something in montauk. todays his birthday, BEE TEE DOUBLEYOU. happy birthday tomm!
nothing monumental has happened since then. hanging out with rachels been coo'. shes going to be here until january 24th, i think. christmas was nice, not very eventful. i was really stressed out about moms presents but she ended up liking up pretty much all of them :) even though she knew she was getting a doll. and imran liked his tree! even though i fucked up with the rock and.. yeah. i didnt like most of what i got but its all cooool, son. i got an xbox, and i feel bad because it was supermoney and i didnt even want it too much. but it did get an incense burner from rachel that i likes plenty. and ginger was the only of the fuzzies who liked her presents. jazzmyn didnt eat hers. euphrates threw his up all over the living room (his present to us, hes such a thoughtful itty bitty), and leviathan and euphrates arent using their bed. maybe they need some time.
anyway, i expect the rest of vacation to be mediocre. its awesome that rachels here, but she probably wont actually be here too often. and whos there to hang out with? ive got some homework. not too much thankfully. and im not sure what im doing for new years yet.
by the way, anyone who buys me this, i will owe ten thousand games of patty cake to.

its not the original old one. jhonen redrew the whole thing, and added johnny's little scar that he got after dying. didja know jhonen has that same scar on his face from riding his bike into a metal pole when he was a lad?
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occupying my time as i wait [Sat, 11/29/08 at 3:06pm]
thanksgiving kind of sucked, yeah.
i miss imran, ive barely talked to him for three days.
i just read christines entry about bakin cookies, and kailyn told me about it before, but christine never actually invited me. i wonder if i was invited and if i was then golly that sucks because i would have loved to go, even though rachel wouldnt have been able to. iss too late now. ill be at the library for a while (using it for its compy goodness because mines broken)
as much people as possible should come to the senior variety showWHICH IS DECEMBER 5th with me, even if you dont go to that school anymore. its allowed. and even more should give me gumballs. gumballs that last more than ten minutes. what are some good brands? i need group collaberation here.
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[Sun, 11/16/08 at 8:06pm]
dear julia,
i guess im writing to you on livejournal because i dont have the balls to go up to you in person. i never see you anymore and i really miss you but i guess thats a price i have to pay. what im trying to say is i never did love you that way and i know you never loved me like that either but i really did love you more than anybody else and i still do. but all this insanity just has to stop. things have been to julia-like for a juliaing long time. and i really cant put up with all this julia-ness anymore. im really sorry and i julia you know i never julia it to julia this julia. so, julia guess this julia julia julia julia julia
love, julia
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[Thu, 11/6/08 at 5:19pm]

im in high spirits and that comes in short, rare bursts these days so i figured id write a livejournal entry while im at it because i hate when all my entries are negative.
even when im trying not to be negative i am!
so take this into your spoon and blow on it to make it a little more manageable to eat- my cat euphrates is flailing around on my lap like hes in a blender, and i dont know why. he seems to be having some balancing problems. and just a few minutes ago he started to lick and gnaw at the silly putty i was playing with. now he just fell off on my lap, straightened himself up, and looked at me in the most serious possible way, snaggling the whole time. if youve met him and dont adore him, i dont know what the fucks wrong with you.
im dating a crippled terrorist and very proud of myself because hes not an overly-hormonal asshole or a completely deranged psychopath. hes actually quite spectacular, and putting up with his strict muslim parents who think that having a relationship when youre a teenager is evil is worth it.
my mom doesnt call me alice anymore because she loathes me.
and im totally addicted to the show scrubs.
and happy about the outcome of the election, and happy that im experiencing this glorious piece o' history.
aaaand school is unpleasant but im doing pretty good with grades and stuff, actually. and at least i get to see imran there. sixth period with him and saint is always fun. i know.   because i checked.   online.
womens choir is going absolutely shitty but YAY IM IN WOMENS CHOIR!!! YEEAAAAH!
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bringing the good news your way [Sat, 9/27/08 at 11:29am]
everything sucks and my moms been calling me "alice" for a few weeks for no particular reason.
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[Thu, 8/21/08 at 11:58pm]


hey wait a minute, this isnt right. were a pair. were a duo. shouldnt we leave together?
i knew this was happening for years but i believed it wouldnt actually happen.
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[Sat, 7/5/08 at 1:52pm]
i dont know why  kailyn is so angry at me.
i tried writing a poem today but it kept sucking so im just going to rant about it, fearful that im going to sound extremely cliched and just like any other angsty teenager in this here america. whatever, man. im not really looking for any of my eljay friends to read it, more like people after i die and theyre looking back on all the stuff i wrote. im not writing things on paper anymore. i love paper and pen so much more than a computer and keyboard, but im no longer using paper.
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[Mon, 6/30/08 at 11:19pm]

the nicest thing the universe did for me was give me a brother.

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[Thu, 6/26/08 at 10:40pm]

i used to be loud and outgoing and crazy. i liked that megan better.
i hope kailyn, rachel, amanda, christine, and cuppycake are having fun at prom.

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[Sun, 2/24/08 at 12:23am]
 the vacation isnt over yet (one more day) but i want to give it a brief overview of how it was so far!
there was the whole dog thing
and then there was the whole heat thing.. our heater broke and we were heatless, in the winter mind you, for two days. it was pretty craayzaay
hung out with max and that was coo'
either thursday or today, saturday were the best days of the whole vacation
thursday, i went to brooklyn with my sister and mom, and we went to the aquarium and coney island! it was so fun, and i went UNDER THE BOARDWALK, OUT OF THE SUN, UNDER THE BOARDWALK, MAN WELL BE HAVIN SOME FUN of the famous comey island boardwalk!! it was all fenced off though and no one was really supposed to be there and i couldnt stand up straight.
today, first i went sledding with rachel, mom, and joe and it was awesome
then i hung out with joe, fun
then i went bowling with rachel, mike conroy, skippy, her boyfriend mike, chelsea, her boyfriend sean, and jon and it was great, were such crazy kids, i tell ya
then we all crammed into rachels car which was interesting and came back to my hizzy, it was pretty damn fun.
yep yep im tired so goodnight! 

*i was tired when i wrote this and forgot: ON FRIDAY IT SNOWED!!! actually snowed!!!! i thought it would never happen, but it did it did! i played in the snow with rachel and... chris.. (he wasnt too horrible though) and we played our annual first-big-snow-of-the-year croquet game. then i went to mike's house for a bit and he got me a random gir shirt! isnt he such a sweetiepie?
im so glad kailyn came back last night, i missed her wiggly toes. i missed her this vacation but its really cool she got to go to china, i want to try to go on one of those crazy foreign country trips my senior year, too.
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slightly challenging [Fri, 2/22/08 at 7:18pm]
 I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 and 7 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which. I'll also tell you what shows they're from, which might be cheating but you love me for doing it anyway.
They're either from Pokemon, FLCL, Scrubs, Invader Zim, Fullmetal Alchemist, or That 70s Show.

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[Mon, 2/18/08 at 4:53pm]

since about three yesterday, ive been looking for the owner and taking care of this dog whom i saw running around our neighborhood for hours. it was quite an ordeal not letting ginger know the dog was around (we called him cld, then lcd, then cld) and did not succeed all the time but we did keep him for a little while so he wouldnt have to run around homeless. i know i shouldnt have gotten attached but man you should have seen this dog he was so cute and hyper and so friendly! as ginger was trying to lunge at him he was trying to sniff her nose. and everytime i walked away from her shed get so distraut and try following me. she slept next to me on my bed throughout the night (on her own!) man, we went everywhere looking for this dogs owner, knocking on peoples doors and hanging up signs and shite, and it ended up he lives a few houses away. its a relief, and im glad cld has a warm home, with another doggy friend too, that wont try to rip her to shreds. i miss her though. heres what the little one looks like: 

yeah i just met him yesterday.. you think maybe somethings wrong with me?

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[Sun, 2/17/08 at 2:48am]
it hurts.
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"We accept the love we think we deserve." [Fri, 2/15/08 at 9:15pm]
 i cant believe my wife is all the way on the other side of the world! i miss her already, even though i just saw her last night.
theres a vacation this entire week and my dads birthday is tomorrow and FUCK my ear hurts, i am getting them to a 0g yes i am :)
man, i love the perks of being a wallflower. and i love the main character, he reminds me of jimmi.
i hung out with kevin today and it was a lot of fun. i do however, almost always feel under pressure when im with him to not fuck up and when i do the littlest thing, i despair and think hes going to just punt me and run away. of course theres no reason to feel this way, hes a chill guy, but there are just some people i always feel like that when im with, like willy even though ive known him for several years, and mr. mankowski.
hmm. at least julia always makes me REAL german chocolate cake when im feeling out of sorts.
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im going to fail my sophomore year, i just know it. [Thu, 2/14/08 at 5:19pm]

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